Where am I exactly?

Penned 15 years ago. It will take about 1:48 to read.

I am sure some of you are wondering where I am lately, and what I am up to.  Quite a few irons are in the fire currently, let me show you a couple of them.

On the book front

Hot on the heels of my Blog Design Solutions experience I was offered a book deal of my own by Apress. I am 5 chapters in on a book that covers development with WordPress.  Aren't you all excited?

Speaking of the Friends of Ed book, I have it on good authority that we are kicking tail.  The entire first printing has left the warehouses, and is now either in your hot little hands, or sitting on store shelfs.  This is extremely exciting, so thanks!

On the K2 front

Alas, I have been neglecting my duties over in getk2 land.  I am now thrilled more than ever that Zeo has joined the fray.  He has really gone above and beyond to pick up my slack, so thanks mate.

The good news is that I am planning to take some time off from the day job and work on some of my projects in the near future (read: the next two weeks).  What this means for you is a K2 final in the near future... hopefully.

On the 'Sillyness front'

Ah, my beloved sillyness, oh how you are neglected and badly organized.  This site is in need of a complete overall structurally as well as visually.  The good news is that I am knee deep a redesign that will allow me to more logically structure the site.  So hopefully by may 1st there will be shiny new sillyness for everyone to enjoy.

On the home front

And finally, things here at home are going well, thank you again for all your thoughts/prayers.  Jakob is doing incredibly well as are we; he is a joy for us, and those around us.

Things are looking up, and are very exciting these days; which means they are incredibly full.  And hopefully I will be able to announce a speaking engagement in Ireland soon... so stay tuned.

Further Reading

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