Well anyway here is the hack...


This is a hack for WP 1.3+ only

There is now a version for 1.2+

Go here and get it.

Now that I have found the bug and squashed it, here is a little ditty that will make it easier to delete large amounts of spam in one fail swoop.  Mass Comment Delete.

While it is true that there is mass deleting already built into WP 1.3, I didn't care for it that much, and the amount of time it takes to use it when you get hit by 260+ spams at once.  The most efficient way to deal with that much spam is to issue SQL commands against your database, unfortunately for a lot of our users this is a bit much to ask, so enter my newest hack.  Here is a screenshot:

image of mass_delete

Mass Spam Delete is a system that allows you to delete all comments in the database by IP, Name, URI or email.  I have tried to make it as easy as possible to use, providing a condensed listing of comments awaiting moderation on the page for you.  I say condensed, because I am grouping the comments by IP, so you will only see one entry for every IP, regardless of the number of comments associated with that IP.  That is all there is too it really, pretty straightforward.

You will find two files within the download, mass_delete.php which is where all the magic happens and mass_delete_ph.php, this is a "plugin" file; all this really does is give you a link to the main file from a central location.  If you can remember the name of the file and don't mind typing it everytime, you don't need the plugin file.  To install this hack, simply drop mass_delete.php in your wp-admin folder and mass_delete_ph.php in your plugins folder.  That's it.

Well that is about it for now, I am off to bed and then off to restore what I can of my comments.  Oh well, maybe I will just start over with my comments instead of restoring from my stale backup.