This ones for Morydd

Penned 16 years ago. It will take about 0:48 to read.

Today on #wordpress my buddy Morydd (pronounced Mo - ry - th) was making some suggestions for novel uses of gravatars which sparked something in my mind.

I am a fan of heatmaps, but could never get excited about having one here.  I don't care how many posts I have in each of my categories or any of that jazz.  Now what I am interested in is commenters and the amount of commenting that is going on here at Sillyness.

This lead me to create Commenter Heat Map.  You can see it in action over at this page.  Now as the page says this is a work in progress and not ready to be released into the wild, but I am hoping to have it ready for anyone who wants it by the end of the week, along with my commenter coloring plugin.

So you know the drill, check it out and leave me some feedback.

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