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Apple opening up

How about that!  Apple has thrown a curve ball to the community today by launching Mac OS Forge, and populating it with a number of pieces of software released under the apache license.

Hiveminder: A first look

Another service that was announced at this years OSCON was Hiveminder.  Hiveminder has been described as "RT for your life" by some of its users... and I gotta say I agree.  It is currently in a private beta phase, but I was lucky enough to…


The money I was counting on to get me to SF for WordCamp isn't going to make it to me in time, so I am going to be a no show.

Google Announcement

There is a comparison of features between SF and Google Code over at Engtech.  There is also an article on Newsforge.  I have already set up an account and checked in the code for K2 so that I can play a bit... I am …

A couple of gifts for you

As this year draws to a close, your friends here at Sillyness would like to give you a couple of gifts.

When I moved from my previous design 'Fresh and Clean' I had decided to package it up as best I could and release it as a free theme for WordPress.  Today that dream becomes a reality.

Also, as many of you know, I had been working on a new theme for Sillyness code named 'Believe'.  As I have stated elsewhere I came to realize that I have shifted artistically back to the world of paint and charcoal; I gave up on my new design, and you guessed it, decided to package what I had up and release it as well.

Changes in the air

I had hinted before that the change in design here was the harbinger of more drastic, and I hope profound things to come here at Sillyness.  I guess it is time to talk a little about that now.

To really have this story hit home, you need to know a bit about who I am, and where I have come from.  While in college I studied art, not because it was the only thing that I could do, but because of all things that I could do, it was the one that promised to allow me to communicate with people long after I had passed on.

Some much needed changes

Well as you can see there has been a change here at Sillyness; namely that I am running Fauna by my pal Joen.

If you have ever given a presentation

You have got to see this little gem.  A presentation on Web 2.0 from (24)slash7 that just keeps giving.

Avast and stuff

Well as many of you know today is Talk Like A Pirate Day.  In honor of this most auspicious day, I present to you the 'Avast, ye.' desktop:

Sillyness back in action

Well as you can see things are back to 'normal' now. I still haven't received any communication from Dreamhost, which makes me more than a little angry.  Maybe it is time to start looking into Textdrive and Media Temple.