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Homebrew Apache Not Responding

So, if you are a homebrew using fool like me, and have recently found that your apache install isn't working after a reboot, then this might be the article for you. I had this very problem this morning and after a little digging I discovered …

MacOS Quicktip

From time to time I like to share little tips I have discovered while using my trusty mac.

Navigating hidden folders via the Finder


For some people this will be a no-brainer, but for the new mac user, or non-power user this tip will be a life saver.

Google Talk

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Just a quick post to say that yes google is releasing an IM thingy today, and yes it is using Jabber, and yes you can get it to work in iChat.

Some Safari Surprises

As evidenced by the comments below this is apparently a third party product.  What mystifies me is how it came to be on my machine, since I did not download and install it.  Who knows.  If you are a Safari user who would like this addition hop over to here and download it.

I updated my home machine to 10.4.2 tonight and after launching Safari I noticed something odd:

web dev additions

Tiger Tip #2

If you are having problems with the finder recognizing blank media, a DVD or CD then this tip is for you.

My first Tiger Tip


If you are running Mac OS 10.4 Tiger and you notice your fonts look like doo doo, open System Preferences > Appearance and set the font smoothing to Standard - Best for CRT.