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The Siri Equation

Not too long ago, my friend and co-hort in Habari things, Morydd asked me how I was using Siri on my iPhone.

Apple opening up

How about that!  Apple has thrown a curve ball to the community today by launching Mac OS Forge, and populating it with a number of pieces of software released under the apache license.

My MWSF Predictions

Yes, I am going to prognosticate for you all now, and tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt what Apple will announce today:

Papa's got a brand new bag

That's right people the Davis family just got a serious upgrade.  I took delivery of my shiny new 20 inch iMac today.

I Got the Call

That's right, I got the call from Apple Computer on the 25th of this month.  Now what could this call be all about you might ask?  Yeah I was asking that too actually, so let's sit back and imagine shall we?

Well Look at that

So whilst drooling over the offerings at I decided to just pop in at the MacOS X area and WOW, am I glad I did.


There are no words

In other news I am apparently a Design Ninja!  And with that I have joined the ranks of the ninja elite, there can be no higher compliment.

There are just no words to describe the overwhelming coolness that is Apple product releases.

I am blown away.  I am undone.

Why I am a MacHead

Welcome MacSurfer readers!  I hope you enjoy reading my little snippet here, and please by all means leave a comment!  I would really like to hear from other Mac users on this.

New Toys...

I am writing this from my brand new toy, a 12 inch powerbook!

Not fair...

Apple released new monitors seen here, and previewed "Tiger" the next version of MacOS X.