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Spring has Sprung

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was playing.

That's right.  Spring has finally reached us here at the compounds of Sillyness.  I ventured out for a moment this beautiful afternoon to snap a few pictures.

And then it hit me, like a brightly colored ton of bricks

I was struck by the marked difference that a couple of months have made in the landscape.  I thought it might be fun, as an exercise in form and composition, to recreate the images that I snapped back in the winter, to see how they hold up now that spring is here.

First, the image from the wintery depths of yesteryear

a little ditty from the wintery depths of yesteryear.

And now for something completely different... well not completely different

spring sprunginess

It is amazing to me that the composition holds up either way, I was thinking that the harmony and balance was secondary to the color and icy-effect of the original image, but upon seeing them like this I now think that might not be the case.

Oh and yes I realize that the images are not exactly the same, but no two pieces of art ever are, are they?


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