Spam Nuker 1.5.1


There is now a Spanish Localization of Spam Nuker, you can find it here: soteke's weblog: Spam Nuker.  The download link is near the end of the article.  Thanks soteke for the great work!

I have released a pretty massive update to Spam Nuker 1.5(formerly known as Mass Delete)... already.  Sad I know, but some comments on the other announcement got me to thinking about an extra feature.  What is that cool new feature you ask... you can now select comments to mark as... NOT SPAM!  So if a comment has been mislabeled for some reason you can easily fix it.

So yeah you can grab 1.5.1 in the same exact place as 1.5, enjoy.

There is now a changelog included in the plugin itself, on the plugin manager screen you will see a changelog link in the plugins description.  Click the link and be astounded.