Slowing Down in 2021

After the year we just had, 2021 is going to be a year of slowing down, creating more breathing room for myself as well as my family and reclaiming my well being.

While this doesn't mean that I will neccesarily be working less, it does mean that I will be focusing more on mindfullness and calm in my off work hours.

I took my first concrete steps towards this new normal by instituting my 4x4Challenge, which has already resulted in a 300% increase in trips outside the home, safely of course, to snap pictures.

You might be wondering how this plays into my "slow down and be mindful" goal for 2021. For some photographers it might not, but for someone who came up with film cameras, photography has traditionally been, and still is, a thoughtful activity for me.

I take my time to find, compose, and shoot compositions. I can't get into the "spray and pray" method of photography, it just doesn't fit with how I go about creating, which neccesitates a slower, more thoughtful approach, which in turn, supports my goal for 2021.

Since I am focusing mainly on street photography at the moment, it also means that I am greatly increasing the excersize that I am getting, which is also an important component of reclaiming my well being in 2021. Added to this, I split these outings between solo adventures, to enjoy some quiet and solitude, and family outings to enjoy quality time with my wife and sons exploring new areas of San Diego, or discovering delcious new treats.

It's already been a huge success, and we're only a few weeks into it. I can only imagine how much better I will be feeling and how much healthier I will be, in the coming months.

What are you doing to care for your physical and mental health this year? Let me know on Twitter!