Sillyness Spelled Wrong Intentionally


Hinterlands, Chapter Five

A Quick Skirmish

Penned 3 months ago.
It was It was 59°F in San Diego, CA With a the clear sky.
More Than A Woman (From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack) by Bee Gees was playing.


More Hinterlands For Your Face

I just keep puttering along. Like a sad, sad locomotive. Fueled by beer.

Penned 2 years ago.
It was It was 74°F in San Diego, CA with broken clouds.
Either Way by Chris Stapleton was playing.


Hinterlands, a chapter excerpt

Yes, yes, I'm writing a novel. It's on my bucket list. So sue me. Go live your dream.

Penned 3 years ago.
It was It was 71°F in San Diego, CA and was hazy.
Up To No Good Livin' by Chris Stapleton was playing.

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