Persian 1.1



I am finalizing the roadmap for Persian 1.1, and I thought I would share some of the spiffy things I am planning, as well as take some feedback and critiques of Persian 1.0.

I intentionally made Persian 1.0 a very straightforward, vanilla drop in theme, as opposed to making it more of a complete make-over ala Michael's Kubrick.  There is nothing wrong with Michael's aproach, in fact from 1.1 on I will be taking the same road.

Most of what I wanted to do is made possible by some of the very nice features added in 1.3, so trying to shoe-horn it in to a 1.2 specific version would be extremely difficult and time intensive.  I was not excited about that.  So I kept Persian 1.0 to just a plain UI replacement and started laying plans for 1.1+.

From 1.1 on Persian will be for use with WordPress 1.3 only.  The 1.0 branch will stay around, and I will add a few features, and fix any bugs that crop up, though I doubt any will; but for the most part all my effort will be put into the 1.3 branch.

So here are a few of the ideas that I am throwing into 1.1:

  1. There will be a heaping of features that utilize the get_currentuserinfo() architecture allowing me to show and hide content based on user_level as well as based on being logged in or not.  The image at the top there is achieved that way, as well as the admin tools for my latest plugin.  Very snazzy.
  2. I will be including plugins in this release, some of my own devising as well as others that I make use of.  Of course I will be including my show_admin plugin, as well as the Ranking plugin and my custom comment text plugin.
  3. I will putting my new version of Live Comment Preview in, this version works for the Name in the comment form as well.  I am not incorporating Textile into it, for many reasons; a big one is how much it slows down the preview.  My preview is much faster than Michael's, and in large part I believe it is because of passing everything through textile.
  4. I will be including a new version of Per Post Copyright as well.  I believe this is an important feature, it allows you to respect the copyright of anything you post, as well as release items and posts under a specific copyright.

This is really a brief overview of the big additions.  There will be a lot of small changes and tweaks, along with some surprises... hopefully.  So, what say you out there, anything you would like to see added, taken away or changed in Persian for the 1.1 release?