New Project


Code named, lower_my_frustration.

The lowdown

I have a love hate relationship with the Beast, Photoshop. It is abolutely essential for my work and it is the source of a lion share of my frustrations.

I have tried the other offerings and they just don't do what I want, which is a very targeted sub-set of Photoshops funcionality.

The problem of course, is that I am now using it exclusively for web type work, so the majority of the features are going unused. This means that the price I am paying for the software is absurd for the amount I am using it.

Which of course means that I am now going to be writing my own software.

Long Live Image Kit

With the release of 10.5, Apple has given every one of us the power to create powerful image editing applications, in many ways on par with Photoshop, for free.

It has been many moons since I have done any Objective C development so this will be a very fun little excersize. Look for some beta software in a couple of months.

And yes, it will be open source. I will probably release it under a BSD style license. Carry On.

So yeah, features

Simpleshop as I am calling it internally, will of course have all the features you need for creating, editing and saving imagery for the web. Along with those things you would expect I am planning some more "novel" features like SVN integration and saving to external sources from within the program.

Think Coda's sites, but for saving and editing imagery. I also plan to integrate Flickr as well. Once I have a working prototype I will most likely open up the SVN server and look for some help.

This is very much a scratch my itch kind of thing, and I have no delusions about it sweeping the intertubes. But I won't complain if it does...