New look

I have been trying to brainstorm a new layout for my site for the past 2 weeks, with little success.  Today I finally hit the wall with the old layout and decided to throw it out and put up something quick and dirty to hold until I can get something firm in place.

So this is my interim design, Clean and Fresh, if you missed it the previous layout was called Persian Rug.  I will be releasing Persian as an Open Source WordPress theme in the coming weeks, complete with imagery.  And yes, before you say it I completely and utterly ganked Michaels brillaint font choice, and the idea of the number next to the title.  For my purposes that is the permalink for each article and not the comment link.

What can I say, when you see something good, you steal it.  But you always give credit.  Thanks Michael.

Go ahead and leave any comments you have about the interim design, there are some aspects of it I really dig, and will probably incorporate into what will become the permanent layout.  All in all, not bad for 2 hours of CSS hacking.  Oh yeah, and I am back to no images used in this layout!  Man I love CSS only layouts.