Features, features


I really should have provided a link to a post that had alot of the coloring going on so you could really see it in action, so here you go.

So I have a new plugin running on my site at the moment that I whipped up today.

I have been styling my comments differently that everyone elses for awhile, but I thought it would be nice to apply some formatting to other commenters, for instance those that comment quite frequently, or those that I am pretty well aquainted with.

So I am beta testing the new plugin here... it is pretty simple really.  I set up "profiles" for each person that link to some CSS.  Now some people in the IRC channel have mentioned that they would like to have a version of this plugin that styles commenters by total number of comments, so I will be writing one of those as well.

So long story short, leave me some feedback as to the merit of this latest hackery.  Is it worth having, or is it too distracting?

I will await your thoughts.