Fresh and Clean returns

Penned 16 years ago. It will take about 0:59 to read.

At least for a little while.

I have heard your pleas, and today I answer them, good ol Fresh and Clean has returned, and will remain until I am able to finish my new Theme 'Believe'.

And as promised when I moved the site to K2 sporting Chocolate Raspberry, I am releasing it as free 'Style' :"(We have moved away from the term schemes to a more easily understandable terminology styles)": for those of you who are running K2.  You can find it here.

Expect some small shakeups in the layout of Fresh and Clean over the next couple of days/weeks as I flesh out concepts for 'Believe'.  Once I have finished work on the new theme, I am taking a much needed break from all non-work related web development :"(With the exception being K2 development, but once that is 1.0 I will most likely drop off the grid development-wise for a time. I need to spend more time with my wife and soon to be born child and I need to draw and paint more.)": and design, to focus on writing and art... and a few other surprises.

Let the tearing down and building up begin!

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Thanks for checking out the site, be sure to come back for more.