How Many Rules?

Today is the big day, today I can announce that I am one of the last two members of the design/personal category of the 9rules network.

You can find Scrivs all-too-kind words over at the official site, and just let me say that Scrivs gets a +10d to his flowery words skill for that right up.

Time does not allow me to write the proper article I had hoped, but look for much more coming from me about 9rules in the very near future.

For now let me just say that the announcements so far have been pretty exciting, I am pretty fortunate to be numbered among these great sites:

  1. Johnnie Manzari
  2. Darice de Cuba
  3. William Peng
  4. John Zeratsky
  5. Peter Flaschner
  6. Mark Boulton
  7. Erik Sagen w00t!
  8. James Archer

What does the future hold for me and all the 9rules crew?  No one really knows, but the one thing that I can say is this: It will be amazing.

What does this mean for Sillyness, nothing but rainbows and ponies if I have anything to say about it.

What I hope you will begin to see here is a diversification of readership, and a more wholistic selection of writing.  Stay Tuned.