Hey look, new Sillyness


That's right, the old place has a new coat of paint. Although I really liked the previous design, it just didn't give me enough flexibility.

I had planned on starting a new series about WordPress MU, but the site design as it was just didn't lend itself to that sort of thing. So I decided to back off the series until I had a design that fit more with what I wanted to accomplish with Sillyness. So out came some new colors, a revamped logo, and the most striking change, a grid.

I had been hearing a lot of noise about Blueprint, so I thought I would give it a shot. I cobbled this design together in 4 hours, 2 yesterday and 2 today. This includes creating the new logo, and researching the colors I wanted to use this time around. Not too shabby.

The non-semantic div names really bother me (which has everything to do with me personally, and very little to do with the framework), and it is frustratingly hard to do pixel perfect fine tuning, but I have to say this is a nice bit o'code. And it is young.

There are still a great many things to do, like adding a search in (I still haven't decided where I would like that to be), and adding some meta information to the Narrative & Commentary listing, but all in all, I am digging this design.

What do you think?