Google Calendar


Well, well.  Google is serious about removing the need for desktop software aren't they?

I think Google Calendar is the first peiece of web software they have released that I am excited about.  Gmail was cool and all, but it really doesn't fit a need I have, other than to have one more email account of course.

But this, this could be something huge.  I was just impressed until I saw the commenting feature, then I was sold.  The ability to create a calendar of events, say a K2 Roadmap Calendar, and then share it with my two other cohorts in rhyme; then to know that we can comment on waypoints in the roadmap... that is the new hotness people.

Throw into the mix that the calendars can be subscribed to from iCal or Sunbird and you have just found the Holy Grail.  Oh and it also allows you to subscribe via XML.  Werd.

Now if they would just add an 'email me when a comment is added to my calendar entry' feature this will be nigh near perfect.