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And the children shall lead us

This is an image from Forgiveness Vespers held on the Sunday preceding Great and Holy Lent.  During this service Orthodox Faithful that have received their traditions from the Russian Orthodox Church take a moment to ask each other for forgiveness for any sins we may have committed against each other so far this year.

It is a very powerful and moving service, if for nothing else than to watch the parents and children.  We (Orthodox Christians) treat children as full members of the Church, so they participate fully in all services.  Knowing now that in an all too long 7 months I will be a parent, I take great comfort knowing that I have this service to look forward to with my son or daughter, it is all to easy for us as parents to dismiss the trespasses we commit against our children.  It is good to know that there are services like these that afford us an opportunity for real healing.

The only experience more impact-full than above is standing in front of your husband or wife looking into their eyes, those eyes that shine all too often with tears brought on from our own selfishness and weakness, and asking very simply and very truly for them to forgive you.  And in that moment when light begins to refract at the edges of their eyes, you know that the tears are those of healing and happiness, not shame and guilt.

There just simply are no words.