And the Saga is complete

At this very moment my wife and I along with a handful of friends are watching the scrolling text of a Star Wars opening.

So ends the Saga of Anakin Skywalker, the Force and out of control marketing and merchandising.

I will share my thoughts later.

Hey look, its later.

Thoughts from around the web

I had intended to write something here about my experiences, but as always I have found that others have gone through the trouble, and with more skill than I could.

So here are some links to reviews that say everything I had wanted to:

  1. Rob Wychert basically everything I wanted to say as well Jason
  2. MHG
  3. And Kevin Smith - rough waters ahead, my dopple-ganger is not shy with the colorful words... I warned you.

Well that is enough for now I think.  Other than to say that yes, it was a good movie, not a great movie but a good one; and that I am going to see it again, probably at least two more before its over.