CJD Notepad: Released


CJD Notepad has moved out of beta testing and into a release phase.

I have squashed all the bugs that were identified in the beta, and Notepad is now feature complete, at least for this iteration.

First some background

Currently in WordPress there is no way to keep track of odds and ends you find while researching a post, say a list of links or a quote from another website.  Currently to do this you would have to either keep a list of these snippets in a text file on your machine somewhere, or create a draft or private post to hold them.

There are problems with both of those methods, so I was asked to create Notes to fill this hole.

And now for some features

CJD Notepad allows you to create, edit and delete notes, you can also create drafts from your notes.  There are two new sub-menus added by the CJD Notepad plugin, one under the Write Screen: Write Note and one under the Manage Screen: Notes

On the Write Note screen you can create and edit your notes and on the Manage Notes screen you can edit, delete or create a draft from your notes.  That is about it, this is a pretty simple plugin to run and use.  For more information and the download link, check out the permenent home of CJD Notepad.

Everything you need is there, including a link to the support forums.