CJD Notepad in Beta


So my buddy Kartooner tells me he had this great idea for a plugin.  What if we had a place to store information gathered for a post that was outside of the post mechanism, a place to take "notes"?  He had looked around (apparently not very hard), and couldn't find one, so would I like to write if for him?

Oh and apparently our Binary Bonsai friend thought it sounded keen as well.

I am such a push over

So I of course said, "Sure that would be easy.. all it really does is throw data into the DB and then take it back out again."  What a maroon.  I had forgotten how much I like to tinker, and how I like to add features out the whazihoogee to stuff I write.  So a few hours turned into 3 days of an hour here, two or three there.

I have been asked to expound on why this is better than using a draft or private post.  Well for me, and it is all about me, it is better since I am using the post_id in my design.  So if I am planning a longer article, say like my Secrets of WP Theming series, but want to shoot off a couple of smaller posts between, then I don't have to worry about the numbers getting out of order.

For other people, I have no idea.  Kartooner and Michael think it is a good idea, so I could really care less.  3 people wanting to use it is enough to convince me it needs to be written.

So if you would like to check out this plugin, and help beta test, then by all means go over to the announcement page and read through the notes and download it.

And oh yes, I know there is another plugin that does almost the same thing, I found out about it today... but I like mine better, so there.