CJD Notepad, your post research assistant


CJD Notepad provides a mechanism to create and manage "notes".  Notes can hold any information that you are collecting to use in a post later, instead of creating a draft or privte post for these snippets you can now just create a note.

You can always find the latest version of CJD Notes here: CJD Notes.

  • Current version is
  • Last updated on Wednesday July 6th, 2005 @ 3:19 P.M.

Praise for CJD Notepad

Notepad is perfect for anyone who lives by notes and jots. Many times when you are writing an article you need to do some research at different sites, or you need a place to collect thoughts and potential directions you could take in your writing. Notepad is your weapon of choice. -- Clint, aenonfiredesign

And this is a great example of a plugin author is thinking like an end user, adding features that increase functionality and usefulness. Keep up the great work, Chris! -- Lorelle, cameraontheroad

Bugs features and more!

CJD Notepad Version adds:

  • bookmarklet code (http://economysizegeek.com)
  • fixed the bug that arose when publishing a draft from a note that contained single quotes
  • Moved CJD Notepad to respect your pingback and commenting preferences

If you decide to use CJD Notepad and find a bug, or have a suggestion for future development please feel free to register for an account on the Support Forums and leave something.  The CJD Notepad topic can be found here.

Installation instructions

It is fairly easy to install CJD Notepad, you simply download the archive, and once you have unarchived it drop the entire folder notepad into your wp-content/plugin/ directory. Then fire up your web browser and activate the plugin.  You should now have two new sub-menus, one under Write > Note and one under Manage > Notes.

Have fun.

And in closing

If you have any questions or concerns let me know.  I tend to develop at breakneck speed.  There will most likely be changes to the code everyday, your best bet will be to check here for any version number changes or updated on date changes.