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was playing.

UPDATE #2: I have released a minor update that adresses the missing "" in the comments link.  So those of you out there that care about validation can breathe easy again.  Get it at the usual place.

UPDATE: I had left out one crucial piece of information from the setup directions, so the zip file has been updated.  The only change is that I have now stated as a last step that you must open your index.php and find this line:

and replace it with

once that is done everything should be peachy.

That's right I am back with a new plugin.  And the plugin is now ready to go.

Per Post Comment Text.  You can see it in action on this site right now. You will notice that some of the links to view comments look normal, Comments (0), while others are a little different.  This plugin allows you to set the text of you comments links on a post per post basis.  Pretty snazzy.

Right now it handles everything you can throw at it, except post that have comments closed.  At this time the plugin still just displays whatever you have set as your text.  Right now the plugin has a default value, in this case Comments, so that if you don't want to add a custom link to an article you still have a default to fall back on.

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