A small request...


If you are the praying kind, please read the following and do what you feel is appropriate.

For the past week or so I have been experiencing a large amount of pain in my left knee, and hearing a very disturbing grinding noise emminating from it when I would walk up and down steps.  I finally gave in and went to see a physician on Monday, and after some x-rays and consultations they diagnosed me with Patella Femoral Syndrome.

A visit to a physical therapist today confirmed that, and I found out some more info about this condition and what to expect for the future.  Unfortunately there is no way to cure this problem; I will be dealing with it for the rest of my life.  The therapist thinks that I am in pretty good shape right now, and since we have caught it early I might be able to forgoe surgery on both knees.  If I stick to a strict regimine of no high impact excersizes, and keep my weight under control that is.

I am asking for people of the praying persuasion to remember me and my family.  My wife and I are attempting to start a family and I want to be a father to my children.  I want to be vital and strong so that I can keep up with them as they grow; not be left behind because my legs don't want to cooperate.  I ask this for myself.  I ask it for my wife.  And I ask it for my children to come.

May God, the Great Physician of soul and body hear your prayers for this unworthy servant, and visit me in my affliction bringing healing to soul and body.  Thanks for your time and attention.