A long time coming

It has been awhile since I posted something worthwhile in the Site Spotlight category.  For the past few months it has merely been an engine to announce features and changes to this site; which is not what I created it for.

So today I am giving you a double shot of Spotlight goodness, starting with Noscope.

So here we go.

Noscope from Joen Asmussen

Noscope by Joen Asmussen

Now longtime readers will know of my intense distaste for using flash, despite my recent experiements, I am firmly in the anti-flash camp when it comes to webdesign.

So it was a great surprise for me when I first hit Mr. Asmussen's site and was immediately in love.  His aesthetical sensibilities are second to none, and his use of flash is not only appropriate, but so well crafted that you don't really realize it is flash at first glance.

Once you wake up from your UI reverie you realize that the man can seriously craft art.  The Installments area of his site is just incredible.  My favortite by far is the latest, a tribute to the Surrealists.  From Joen's journal:

Noscope December is an attempt to step back in history to the surrealists. Surrealism was a movement, and the surrealists tried to penetrate the crust of the existing reality in search of the true reality - the super reality. Hence the name,