A couple of gifts for you

As this year draws to a close, your friends here at Sillyness would like to give you a couple of gifts.

When I moved from my previous design 'Fresh and Clean' I had decided to package it up as best I could and release it as a free theme for WordPress.  Today that dream becomes a reality.

Also, as many of you know, I had been working on a new theme for Sillyness code named 'Believe'.  As I have stated elsewhere I came to realize that I have shifted artistically back to the world of paint and charcoal; I gave up on my new design, and you guessed it, decided to package what I had up and release it as well.

One quick note, as I have said before I am now pouring all my active development energy into the WordPress Mod K2.  I haven't changed my mind.  These two downloads satisfy two things:

  1. Fresh and Clean was incredibly popular, and I have had numerous requests for a theme based on it, so there it is.
  2. Although I am not a fan of where Believe was going, it is a solid beginning for some aspiring theme designer; to delete it would have been wasteful.

So here you go my friends, So Fresh, Exciting! 1.0 (kool) and Believe 1.0 (stevie) for your use and abuse.  One thing to note: These are the initial releases of these themes, and as such there might be some lingering issues.  Everything works on my end, but let me know of any problems you run into over in my Forums.

And yes, both of these themes have my gravatar enabled 'Recent Commenters' code bundled in functions.php.

Download So Fresh, Exciting!

  1. WordPress 2.0 only
  2. Version 1.0 (kool) r100
  3. screenshot

Download Believe

  1. WordPress 2.0 only
  2. Version 1.0 (stevie) r100
  3. screenshot

Enjoy and have safe, but fun, New Year's Eve celebrations!  Oh and there might be one more 'gift' by the time the new year rolls around, I am not quite sure.  Stay Tuned.