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The folly of the touch screen remote

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So on the Twitters today I read a tweet from Partick Haney about a mockup of a touch enabled remote for a next gen Apple TV:

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WordPress By The Numbers

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After many false starts, soul searching and general laziness, I have finally launched WordPress By The Numbers.

Tiger Tip #2

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If you are having problems with the finder recognizing blank media, a DVD or CD then this tip is for you.

The Proper use of Base HREF's

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I am helping, off an on, a friend with a project that is powered by WordPress.  One of his latest hijinks, involved named anchors.

Capturing the contents of a WebView

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So one of the upcoming features for Two 1.1 is converting the contents of the mobile view into a PNG for later use. This seems like an easy task, but can be tricky if you don't think it through.

Deploying web apps with SVN

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I sat in an interview today where the interviewee lamented the lack of a clearly laid out tutorial on how to deploy web applications with SVN.

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